A Surprise in Qibao

After almost 5 years, I decided to revisit Qibao, one of Shanghai’s ancient water towns.  Some aspects were exactly as I remembered them, from the street food to the crowded market streets.  I even saw exactly where I tried stinky tofu for the first time and swore I’d never eat it again (though that has changed now!)

You can find every variety of street food here, from cute lil bao’s to snake and goose neck.

Being a Saturday, the streets were particularly overcrowded, and I decided to wander off into some of the less touristy areas.  These streets reminded me a bit of Shanghai’s Old City.

Looking down random side streets, I was so surprised to stumble upon a Catholic Church!

I went inside and was able to read about the history of the church, from its construction in the 1800’s, to surviving bombings, and its present day services.

And suddenly, turning down another side street, just like that I was back in the typical commotion of a crowded Shanghai street.  Moments of discovery like these are some of the moments that make living in China, or studying abroad, so special to me.

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