Shanghai’s Contemporary Art Scene

In the picture above you’ll see a couple large structures that were formerly used as oil tanks; these have now been reimagined as the backdrop for a contemporary art installment which I recently had the opportunity to check out!

The exhibit is put together by a group of artists known as teamLab.  Below are pictures from my experience at their Shanghai installation, Universe of Water Particles in the Tank.

Walking inside the tank, you are immediately immersed in an environment that pushes the boundaries of nature and technology, with interactive flower and water designs projected 360 degrees onto the surrounding walls and floor.  The projection is made from a specific computer software and is not played on a loop, so anything you see there in one particular moment will never be portrayed quite the same again.

The walls of the tank are also lined with sensors which grant the ability for human interaction with the artwork.  Standing against a wall of flowing water for example, the water would part around my body and flowers would gradually start to grow!

Because the inside of the tank was very dimly lit, the pictures can hardly do it justice.  I highly recommend checking out teamLab’s official pictures, as well as their other exhibits here.

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