Day 1: Overnight Train to Guilin

Boarding my overnight train marks the first step in my journey over the next 10 days – solo backpacking through Southern and Midwestern China! First stop: Guilin! These are my quarters for the night, pretty tight but all part of the journey. 

Traveling today has been especially crowded because today marks the start of the Chinese Qingming holiday, in which many Chinese travel to their home towns to celebrate deceased relatives and clean their graves. It is also traditional to eat this, which I tried in both black sesame and red bean.  I am not entirely sure what is is made out of but almost seems like some type of grain ground into a paste with a filling inside. A bit of an acquired taste, but again, all part of the experience!

As of now I feel pretty restless on the train, but the steady rock back and forth is soothing. The other inhabitants of my cabin are very polite, offering me sunflower seeds and fruit (the Chinese are so hospitable and generous). I am so excited to pull into Guilin tomorrow and finally see the beautiful mountains! 

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