Scorpion is delicious. Change my mind.

No, really, it is delicious.  Take my word for it because I tried it last week on Christmas Eve.

One of the most difficult parts about studying abroad for the full year was making the decision to stay in China over Christmas break and be apart from my family and friends.  My take on it was that the best way to get over the homesickness was to take full advantage of a unique opportunity to make this one of the most memorable Christmas’s of all time.  The few of us still here decided to go out for our own Christmas Eve celebration in an area of Beijing called Wang Fu Jing.  At night, it was lit up with neon lights and a big Christmas tree – it almost looked like the Beijing version of Times Square.

After realizing there was a THREE HOUR wait at the only Cheesecake Factory in all of Beijing, we stumbled onto another restaurant which happened to be a blessing in disguise: Café Landmark.  Here we enjoyed Western foods like steak as well as lobster with linguine while trying to figure out how to use a fork and knife again.

Wang Fu Jing is famously known to have a side street where you can sample any kind of “crazy” food, from stinky tofu to scorpion.  We somehow got it in our heads that we needed to try scorpion…

Just moments before being cooked you can watch them wriggling on the skewers, but we still decided to go for it, and one by one we took turns biting them off the skewer.

Sure enough it tasted like the fatty part of a steak…but crunchy.  10/10 would recommend.

Hands down a Christmas Eve I will never forget.

Don’t believe I actually did it?  Click the link here to see for yourself.


Boston lobster with linguine
At least they tried…

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